The Paleo Diet offers a robust potential to help develop weight loss programs to help you achieve your weight loss goals. That being said, Paleo meal plans offer a large degree of variability which creates a lot of room for error. You can most-definitely gain weight by eating Paleo, but the chances are much less than if you were to stay on a typical Western diet. If you’re already eating typical to most Westerners—high sugar and high cars—it’s more than likely that switching to any meal plan covered by the Paleo diet will help you to lose weight.

Carbohydrates are the primary source of energy for most people, and also a heavily-debated topic amongst Paleo Diet enthusiasts and professionals alike. On one hand, the argument that our Paleolithic ancestors had little knowledge of producing large amounts of carbs makes an argument against the consumption of carbs. On the other; the general assumption that the caveman would have pretty much eaten anything he felt edible argues in favor of carb-rich diets. The truth undoubtedly lies somewhere in the middle, and was variable by geographic locations, seasonal fluctuations, and environmental factors as well. All things considered, the caveman was much more in tune to the natural cycle of the Earth because it dictated his diet to him (among other things too of course.)

With modern convenience has come the large-scale homogenization of diet across great stretches of land.  Just think, a caveman in California would may have never eaten a meal comprised of the foods eaten by his evolutionary kindred in Minnesota. Today, you can eat a meal comprised of the exact same ingredients as a meal eaten by a resident of China. The point is this; there is a lot of wiggle room in the Paleo Diet for adjustments to meet your individual needs and both higher-carb and lower-carb varieties can help you to lose weight—and keep it off.

Weight Loss Programs

Obesity rates have absolutely sky-rocketed in the last 20 years—estimated to be as high as 35% in 2015 in the US alone. That is nearly half the amount of total US voters in the last Presidential elections. That comparison isn’t particularly relevant, but certainly provides some shocking relativity. “Fad” type diets can keep you confused forever; wading through them in an attempt to filter bogus from brilliant. Celebrity endorsements, TV Spots, and a general bombardment by the media have turned the market of diet and weight loss into a zoo. Without bearing, you could wander for a long time, constantly being lured into poorly-conceived (and potentially harmful) approaches to change your diet.

The motivation to lose weight fast can be blinding for many—prepared to take any measure available

Take Dinitrophenol (DNP) for example; DNP is an organic compound found in some weight loss products—although usually regarded as illegal for commercial sale. This potentially fatal chemical has seen a surge in popularity, measured by fatalities by the NIH. DNP can cause serious side effects in even small doses, and has the potential to cause irreversible damages to your body. You may find yourself wondering how anyone could ever be motivated to try such a product but the motivation to lose weight fast can be blinding for many—prepared to take any measure available.

Among the many natural, nutrition-based approaches to dietary weight loss out there, the Paleo Diet is as robust as they come.  Modern diets tend to be packed with amounts of carbs and sugars that our bodies just aren’t geared to handle. This excess gets stored as fat which a much more calorie-dense source of energy for your body. Our propensity to seek out the sweet, fatty, carb-rich foods typical in the modern world is a product of our own evolution. We still see calorie dense foods as able to provide longer periods of sustained energy when compared to vegetables and starchy foods. For example, fats contain nearly twice the amount of calories by weight as carbohydrates and proteins.

This approach is extremely valuable from the perspective of survival, being that your body will seek out the most calorie dense foods available. However, this works in accordance with the fact that we evolved going much longer between meals—often questioning where the next would be found. This system worked well-enough to get us where we are today but, with access to the nutrient-dense fats, sweets, and carbs 24/7, it begins to work against us—and we begin storing too much fat.

Medical Weight Loss

Another approach to dietary is referred to as medical weight loss by many. This approach combines behavioral therapy, cooking classes, medications, exercise programs, and many other “coaching” type approaches. Well-qualified facilities such as the Duke Diet & Fitness Center in Durham North Carolina can charge as much as $5,000 for a week long program. These type of programs can be beneficial, but the cost associated with any decent one is often prohibitory of sustained effectiveness.

Weight Loss Cleanse

Rapid-approach diets meant to “wow” those participating with quick results can be done in healthy ways producing great motivation for some. Diet such as the 10 Day Detox, popularized by Dr. Mark Hyman, seek to help those on typical Western diets step outside of habit and gain some perspective. Hopefully, during this time of staving off food cravings, and going through a very real experience of withdrawal, dieters will gain an understanding of the true power food has over them.  There are several other cleanse type diets, such as the Elimination Diet, and for more information I would recommend you read through our Ultimate Paleo Diet Guide which details some more of these approaches in greater depth.

Weight Loss Drinks

Juicing for weight loss, smoothies for weight loss, and other types of diets which provide nutrients in a somewhat pre-digested state can help ease digestive issues. While these types of approaches can be helpful in easing the burden food places on your digestive tract, it’s important to stay aware of the total nutrient intake you are getting from these types of drinks. If you are juicing with fatty foods like coconut husks, avocado, almonds, or other nutrient dense items—you could end up “eating” more than you did before your diet! Good smoothie recipes for weight loss take into account your individual goals, and help you to achieve a well-balanced diet plan that will meet your needs.

Weight Loss Recipes

For long-lasting dietary weight management, you need to focus on the foods you eat as well as the proportions in which you eat them. Eliminating carbs to a reasonable level, cutting out processed foods, buying organic produce, and cooking grass-fed humanely raised meats is essential to maintaining your weight loss goals—and creating a healthier you!

While switching to grass-fed steaks alone isn’t going to help lose belly fat, it’s a core component of the Paleo Diet—which can most-definitely help you lose weight. The Paleo Diet’s potential to help with weight loss is also a testimonial towards the modern diet’s tendency for gain—and how moving away from it can help your restore your body’s natural balance.

Not only do you need to eat the most natural food you can find, but you need to eat it in naturally occurring amounts

The Paleo Diet’s restriction of modern food additives is marked as one of its trademark characteristics. A little further from the radar is it’s balancing of proportions of the foods that it recommends. Simply put, not only do you need to eat the most natural food you can find, but you need to eat it in naturally occurring amounts. That means meats and vegetables should take up much more of your plate than nuts or seeds.

To gain a better understanding I’d recommend you read the article: Complete Paleo Diet Food List. There you will find a detailed account of the types of foods that are on the Paleo Diet food list, as well as those that are excluded. In addition, you can get a better feel for the proportions guidelines and general balancing of nutrients.

Once you understand a general guideline of how to balance out the foods on the Paleo Diet food list, you will be able to wildly-experiment with different flavors and combinations. Some of the best Paleo Diet recipes you can imagine will be created by you, right in your own kitchen. Just be careful before you go creating a 12oz avocado/almond butter/honey/macadamia nut smoothie for breakfast—a good diet is one that is well-balanced!

Paleo Diet Weight Loss

The power of the Paleo diet to help you achieve your weight loss goals can also help understand why so many people today face issues with obesity. If you’re still plugged into your TV, you’ve undoubtedly-noticed that food commercials are almost comedic these days. What would have been interpreted as a Saturday Night Live bit a decade ago is now considered realistic. The types of calories you put in your body have a tremendous influence on how your body will utilize them. High carb diets tend to overwhelm our bodies and result in the storage of nutrients for later use. This method of eat now, save some for later has greatly-benefitted us throughout our evolution, but now can work against us.

The Paleo Diet’s adherence to our ancestral diet habits helps reunite our modern lives with our evolutionary path. While we’ve developed as a species to gather and store food for later, we’ve only moved from that path relatively recently. On our evolutionary timeline, our digestive systems have spent much more time foraging for food than ordering it from the dollar menu. Re-acquainting yourself with this balance can help your body restore a natural harmony that will help you harness your health and natural balance.

To gain a fuller understanding of what the Paleo Diet has the potential to do, as well as get great tips for recipes and other tips, check out the Ultimate Paleo Diet Guide which can also be downloaded as a free eBook.

Just getting started with the Paleo Diet? Read our Ultimate Paleo Diet Guide for great tips, recipes, and meal plan ideas. It will help you learn the basics of the Paleo Diet and pitfalls to keep an eye out for! The guide features tons of scientifically-backed info to help you understand all of the potential the Paleo Diet has to help you improve your health, or lose weight fast! For a limited time, our Ultimate Paleo Guide is available to Download for free!  
Free Paleo Diet Guide Download
Free Paleo Diet Guide Download
Free Paleo Diet Guide Download
Free Paleo Diet Guide Download