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The Paleo Diet is often confused with all the other nonsense how to lose weight fast diets out there. I’m here to tell you: The Paleo Diet is for real, and has the scientific evidence to back it up! If you’re reading this report because you’re looking for a diet to help you achieve your health goals, then congratulations friend, you’ve found a tremendous new path to improving your health!

Before I go any further, I need to let you know that the guidelines and recommendations in this report have the potential to impact your health in tremendously-positive ways. Since the Paleo Diet, and these guidelines have such powerful potential, you should be sure to consult with your doctor before you make any shifts to your diet.

Serious Diet for Serious Dieters

If you’ve made it this far, you are probably well-aware that the Paleo Diet is a serious diet that involves some pretty big changes. With the power of the internet today, dieticians, doctors, and other nutritional specialists have been able to communicate like never before! Through all this communication, these professionals have been able to carve out a proven guideline for success when following the Paleo Diet. Information travels at the speed of light these days, and those that realize this amazing fact—and have the presence of mind to act on it—find themselves with amazing resources!

Enough technical jargon let’s cut to the meat—what this means for you—and how you’ll be able to benefit tremendously from it!

Professional Paleo Diet

All this information, professionally-researched, and scientifically-backed Paleo Diet facts mean that you get to cut out the middle man. No more dieticians, no more countless hours reading through online forums, poorly-worded comments, or half-baked blog posts hoping to find a nugget of info relevant to you. The Paleo Diet has so much credible, scientifically-backed data proving it is effective, that all the health care professionals that usually charge an arm and a leg for a SINGLE VISIT—have already put in their two-cents—FOR FREE!

That’s right, with so much popularity, the Paleo Diet has created a groundswell of demand from people seeking to rapidly improve their health, treat disease specific symptoms, or lose weight fast. It’s this surge in popular demand that has allowed companies to contract these professional researchers, doctors, and nutritional specialists to do all the digging, all the testing, and all the nitty-gritty research that goes into investigating a new type of diet plan.

Paleo Diet Benefits

The Paleo Diet has shown, in countless research-backed studies, to drastically benefit the health of those that choose to follow its guidelines. The studies don’t just indicate or suggest that the Paleo Diet might benefit you; these studies prove it. The Paleo Diet has the power to transform you into a fat-burning machine, as well as provide countless other health-boosting benefits. In addition to overall health improvements and weight loss, the Paleo Diet has been shown to COMPLETELY REVERSE some major diseases such as Type 2 Diabetes. Well touch more on this later, but just to familiarize you with the potential of the Paleo Diet, these are some of the benefits:

  • Lower Blood Pressure 1
  • Lower Cholesterol 2
  • Lowered Risk of Heart Attack 3
  • Treatment of Advanced Cancer Symptoms 4
  • Complete Reversal of Type 2 Diabetes 5
  • Reduction of other Diabetes Symptoms 6
  • Weight Loss 7
  • Treatment for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome 8

Just so you know I’m not blowing smoke, you can click the little numbers by each benefit to show where I’m getting my information from. You’ll be surprised to see how old some of the studies are, which showed tremendous results but didn’t really have a way to spread the word to people. Fortunately, we now have the internet—allowing us to pool all of our information together and get the best of the bunch!

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Tons of Valuable Information

So what does this mean for you and me? This means that all this research being paid for, all these companies seeking to meet a demand, has created several highly-valuable resources available for PENNIES ON THE DOLLAR, that can give you access to all the facts and proven Paleo Diet plans that work.

Imagine how much of your hard-earned money you’d have to give away to conduct research investigating the impact of the Paleo Diet on Type II Diabetes (it cures it by the way.) Imagine how much you’d shell out to learn what percentage of people are able to lose tons of weight after only 3 weeks on the Paleo Diet (almost every single person), or how many people are able to see lowered levels of cholesterol after going on the Paleo diet (again, almost everyone.) You would have to TAKE OUT A LOAN to be able to afford all the time, effort, and professional consultation fees to get that knowledge. Fortunately, all this information is now available right with the click of a mouse—easily accessible through the internet!

Buyer Beware

As with any popular subject, for every company that takes the time, effort, and dedication necessary to put together a truly amazing Paleo Diet recipe guide, cookbook, or related resource, there are several others that will slap together some half-baked imitation. These imitation products may not only mislead you with false information, but could also cause lasting health complications. Remember all those people that jumped on the Atkins Diet bandwagon and lost so much weight? Well that train got derailed once they realized their blood pressure and cholesterol levels were shooting through the roof!

Don’t panic, it’s easy to spot these fad diets from a mile away—usually through citation of privately-conducted studies, celebrity endorsements, and talk show presences. Now, hearing about it on TV would also be a natural occurrence of any proper diet plan that really worked, so don’t write something off just because it popped up on Dr. Oz! Just take any publicity with a grain of salt, and dig for the details.

Key diet plan factors

To help you determine the best way to decide whether the Paleo Diet resource your reading is the real deal, I’m going to outline several key factors that you should look for. Take this into mind when reading anything online (including this guide) and you should be able to filter out the flak, and get the premium information without any trouble at all!

Research-Backed Claims

Any credible diet plan has a barrage of clinical studies to help support any claims it may be making. Celebrity voices, talk show presence, news segments, and online articles don’t mean anything when compared to research. The Paleo Diet, for example, has tons of research floating around out there that shows it is beyond a fad—capable of providing real results.

Quality of Research

It’s easy enough for a company with a little bit of extra cash to sponsor some garage-grade trial. With just a little bit of cash they can get a doctor, one review away from losing his license, to throw together some bs conclusion that makes their product look amazing. Data from these studies can be manipulated (not changed) to back up any claim they want to make. This is why it’s important to always look at WHERE the information is coming from, not just what it’s saying. Was the study published in a peer-reviewed online journal? Are links to the study posted on a website ending in .gov? Has the publication, at any time, been retracted from its original place of publication? These are all important questions you should ask.

Lifestyle Accommodations

Face the facts; if you want to see a big change in your health or weight, you’re more than likely going to have to make a pretty sizable change in your lifestyle. The Paleo Diet is no exception— eliminating almost all types of processed foods—and a stellar example of the age-old adage: you get what you pay for. Many diets tout claims of being able to eat anything you want while still losing weight, or losing weight while exercising only 5 minutes a day, or other claims that follow a general formula of getting more out than you put in. The Paleo Diet is capable of providing tremendous benefits to those who follows it’s guidelines, but requires that some tremendous changes be made in exchange.

First Hand Experience

I know people who have been eating Paleo before it was called Paleo, and continue to do so not because of popular opinion but because they know the positive effect is has had on their lives. Anything that causes a change, either positive or negative, can be successfully sold as a product. That change, considered “novelty,” is something that people seek out. The trouble with sales and marketing is that you usually have to have a name for something to garner widespread interest for it. That diet Susan’s Aunt is On isn’t a very attractive name, from a marketing standpoint, and that’s why marketers and salesman use catchy memorable words to brand ideas and products.

Such branding helps everyone ensure they’re talking about the same thing. A key factor in determining whether or not a diet has true potential, or if it’s just a fad. For example, an alarm should go off if you’re co-worker says they lost ten pounds on the new InterstellerDiet they heard about on Goodmorning America. They are telling you they heard about this diet from a national source, that speaks in national terminology, which caters to a national fanbase. Simply put, such a venue leaves the door open for marketers to have hay-days with.

Now, if your co-worker were to say they’ve been avoiding fast food, processed sugars, and any refined food ingredients—as the Paleo Diet recommends—since they were teenagers, and just now realize it’s being called Paleo to eat that way, you should pay attention. What that person is saying is that they know of something that works, and simply realize what other people call it. They aren’t saying ”this diet works,” they are saying “my diet works.” Also, if they look healthy and full of energy, that should be a pretty good indicator as well.

Do an Elimination Diet

Take your current diet, and subtract 3 major components from it; Dairy products, Wheat & Gluten foods, and processed foods. There are many variations of elimination diets, but this core concept remains pretty standard throughout them all. The protocol is simple; eliminate those things from your diet for at least 2 weeks (I’d recommend 3) and see how you are affected. If your feel the same afterwards, you’ll know that there is an underlying dietary issue negatively-impacting your health. If you feel the same, you could probably start drinking and smoking more because you are clearly some kind of invincible mutant! (I’m kidding, you shouldn’t do that) Chances are though, if you’ve read this far, you have some degree of suspicion the food you’re eating may be dragging you down.

An elimination diet …it can be an invaluable method … to help warm you up to the idea of resisting some of your favorite foods

After the 2 weeks you’re ready for the fun part; you take whichever food you are craving the most, and absolutely gorge yourself on it. If you’re craving dairy, fry up some eggs with milk butter and cheese, cover them with cheese afterwards, and then wash it all down with a glass of milk. That’s the concept, complete removal then rapid re-introduction.

If you still feel great, you’ll know that dairy wasn’t your issue, and you can move on to the next food you eliminated. It’s important not to blur the lines between food groups during this stage, and to ensure proper diagnosis, you should wait at least 3 days before trying the next food. This waiting period will help to ensure all traces of that first food group have left your system.

While an elimination diet isn’t exactly a Paleo diet, it can be an invaluable method in not only determining your potential to benefit from a drastic diet change, but also to help warm you up to the idea of resisting some of your favorite foods. After you have a better idea of the potential impact a dietary shift could have on your health, you’ll be able to make a lay out a more intentional approach.

Taking the First Step

So now that you know what to watch out for, you can take all the potentially-valuable information you find online and get it to work for you. There are many diets out there that are capable of radically transforming your health quickly, safely, and with long-lasting results. It’d take way too long to discuss all of them, so we’re going to keep our focus on the Paleo Diet, and some of the specific ways that it can benefit you.

I’ve personally been eating Paleo for 3 years now, and can say with 100% confidence that it has allowed me to get back control of my life. I’ve lost 65 pounds, lowered my cholesterol, jump-started my energy levels, and balanced my hormonal levels. Presently, I have 2 percent body fat, lift my body weight in the gym to warm up with, and am able to eat so much it hurts— EVERY SINGLE MEAL. I’m not trying to show off, or brag about my life—I just want you to know that the Paleo Diet is powerful, and can transform you into an entirely different person quicker than you thought possible.

I started eating Paleo by chance, after reading an article in a local alternative health magazine called The Natural Triad (published in the Piedmont area of North Carolina.) It’s one of those magazines you see offered for free at stores all around town, and usually only gets picked up by a small percentage of people. Call it fate, coincidence, or just plain dumb luck; I picked up a copy 3 years ago and the cover article was about something called an “elimination diet.”

I could have saved so much time, effort, and struggle if I had just had a plan in place to follow during times of uncertainty

I tried it out for 3 weeks—eliminating pretty much all the food I was eating at the time. The first week and a half was really hard, and I felt like an addict removed from my poison of choice. Biologically speaking, very similar processes go on in the body during detox diets to those with addicts going through detox. I felt this shocking sense of withdrawal first hand, and realized I had some big changes that needed to be made.

It was hard— I lost sleep, I sweat A LOT, and my friends all wondered why I wasn’t going out to eat with them or to grab a drink at the bar after work. I had to make a drastic lifestyle change but, at the end of the three weeks, I  transformed from a lethargic, sniffling, distracted, symptomatic mess to a completely renewed and restored person. I had the energy to go to the gym after work, I woke up early during the week and cleaned my house, walked my dog, and even did morning exercises! I had never felt that good in my life, and words could never describe the sense of freedom I felt.

Things got a little bumpy after that—turns out that honeymoon phase of major dietary changes doesn’t really last that long. I started having some of my former symptoms creep back up, although much more manageable. I had found out dairy was my issue, so wheat and high carb food were back on the plate for me. (I now know that was a BIG mistake!)

To make a long story short, I spent the next 3 years learning things the hard way! I remember thinking, at some point, that every single food I ate was a cause of my issues. I quit eating certain brands of salt, I would eat quinoa but not millet, then millet but not quinoa, then wheat but not gluten, etc… I eventually learned that this approach was the long route to get to an improved state of health, and that I could have saved so much time, effort, and struggle if I had just had a plan in place to follow during times of uncertainty.

Paleo Diet to the Rescue

By the time I heard of the Paleo Diet, I was pretty much already eating Paleo after spending THREE YEARS learning everything the hard way. If I hadn’t been so stubborn about trying outside suggestion, I could have saved SO much time and effort, and have already gotten so much further in my progress to renewed health. This is where the power of the internet comes in again. Through discussion forums, health blogs, and careful crowd-sourced reviews of relevant Paleo Diet information, there are now really simple guides and recipe books available to help speed you through the process—and completely eliminate the learning curve. With professional cookbooks and recipe collections, outlining daily, weekly, and monthly meal plans, you don’t have to understand why the Paleo Diet works to be able to reap the benefits.

NOTE: I would DEFINITELY recommend you learn all you can about how the Paleo Diet works if it is something you plan on adopting for your life. However, with the resources available online to guide you, you can learn about the Paleo Diet AS YOU DO IT! No more learning the hard way, no more frustration!

Quick Recap

We’ve gone over some pretty thick information so far, so let’s quickly summarize where we are in our guide to the Paleo Diet, and then we can go from there! I find that it is always invaluable to have a plan, goal, or some form of structured guideline when trying to understand a new subject.

Paleo Diet Benefits

The Paleo diet is backed up by a tremendous amount of research showing clear-cut evidence that states it is capable of treating many health care issues, as well as addressing some major diseases such as diabetes and heart attack. The bulk of these studies have been peer-reviewed and published on trusted medical websites, including large .gov sites such as the National Institute of Health’s site.

A Wealth of Information

The internet has provided professional dietitians, doctors and nutritional specialists with the ability to share their knowledge of the Paleo Diet, and all the benefits it can offer. There are countless peer-reviewed studies that have concluded the Paleo Diet has the ability to turn your body into a fat-burning machine, and these professionals have posted tons of material on how to get  started.

Filter Out Bogus Claims

With the power of the internet comes the potential for scammers, morally-questionable salesmen, and corporate interests less concerned with your health than they are their own profits. By following a few easy guidelines such as reviewing sources, talking to friends, and realizing that real results require real changes to be made, you’ll be able to find quality resources that will benefit you.

Elimination Diet

If you’re unsure whether or not a dietary change is even needed for you to reach the health goals you have for yourself, an elimination diet can be one of the most illuminating experiences of your life. Designed to quickly allow you to determine whether or not certain foods are bothering you, the elimination diet gets results fast.

Start the Paleo Diet

If you’ve followed the above steps and feel confident that the Paleo Diet is right for you, and that your could benefit from a dietary change, then it’s time to move forward and begin following the guidelines and practices of the Paleo Diet!

Going Paleo

You  think a new diet plan could help you, and the Paleo Diet fits the bill; so what’s your next move? There’s no Paleo Diet section in the grocery store, and every website you’ve visited seems to have a uniquely-crafted set of rules that don’t always line up with one another. I’m going to share with you some fundamental concepts of the Paleo Diet which will serve you well while hammering out the specifics that are best-suited for you.

Imagine You’re a Caveman

Seriously. Sticks, fire, animal pelts, big wooden clubs and (maybe) dinosaurs; picture it in your head. Now imagine what you might eat for lunch, and think of the proportions of each type of food. Typically, the Paleo diet recommends drastically-lowered amounts of carbohydrates, and increased amounts of fats and meats. Imagine how this may line up with the caveman’s lifestyle; having just killed an animal, the caveman would be exposed to large helpings of fats and meats, but very little bread to “sop” his plate with. He wouldn’t have McDonald’s, he wouldn’t have pepper, salt, or any synthetic food dyes, flavorings, or emulsifiers. A caveman, not very fluent in the art of agriculture, would largely eat what he could find growing, or what he could kill.

Observing this guideline takes into account the pace at which human biology evolves. Our ability to domesticate grain production, and certainly the modernization of food additives, have both happened very quickly compared to the time our digestive tracts took to evolve. In other words, we learned to produce and store foods before our bodies had a chance to get used to eating them. Not to say that eating almonds is bad, only that a caveman would likely never have eaten the amount you are used to spreading on top of that slice of toast he never would have found growing in his backyard.

Some varieties of the Paleo Diet advocate for higher protein consumption, while others argue to eat lower amounts. A constant between all varieties that I have seen is the elimination of processed grains and processed “fast” foods. Taking into account the natural changes that our bodies go through every year, changing around the subtleties is probably a good idea to help.

So keep in mind what a caveman ate, and also that there is plenty of wiggle room for the Paleo Diet to mold to suite your needs and goals as an individual. With these thoughts, your next move is to find some variation of the Paleo Diet, and start getting some first-hand experience so you can learn what works best for you!

Get A Cookbook & Meal Plan

There are several sites that offer very well structured guidelines and cookbooks which feature delicious Paleo-friendly recipes, as well as diet plans. If you are new to the Paleo Diet, I would STRONGLY recommend you start with one of these established guidelines/cookbooks that lots of people using them as well. The main reason for this is to be able to keep as much certainty as possible as you first start out. If you buy some obscure book on Amazon, then try to ask someone how they were able to make the Paleo-Friendly Tuscan Chicken Wrap, you’ll likely find no answer. However, if you’ve bought a Paleo Recipe book that has sold well, received good reviews, and hasn’t been sued out of business, you’ll be able to connect with others along your journey—speaking a common language.

Grubs Paleo Cookbook

For a great place to start your Paleo Diet journey, I’d recommend the Grubs Paleo Cookbook. The Grubs Paleo cookbook features hundreds of Paleo recipes, as well as a ten week meal plan. This book will allow you to quickly know what foods to eat on the Paleo Diet, and how to plan ahead to make sure you don’t find yourself stuck in a position where you have to choose between breaking your diet, or skipping a meal. With recipes like pulled pork tacos with mango salsa, Jalapeno Lime Hot Wings, and Almond Butter Reese’s Cups for desert, you’ll most likely feel as if you’ve started some new diet of indulgence, rather than one of restriction. Truly though, the Paleo Diet isn’t about restriction, it’s about finding a different kind of Balance—one that’s more in tune with out evolutionary biology.

Food Specific Allergens

Another reason why I recommend that people start with the Grubs Paleo Cookbook is that it offers recipes and meal plans for those of you that are unable to eat certain types on foods included in most other Paleo Diets. Nuts, Eggs, and even nightshades are taken into account in the Grubs Cookbook, and they go out of their way to keep things flexible enough to provide lasting benefit for everyone.

Supplemental Guides

Everyone is trying to make a living, and that’s why Grubs Cookbook isn’t free. However, being the popular topic that the Paleo Diet is, it’s driven many authority sources to the realization that they have to offer some bonus materials in order to compete. Grubs does just that. When you get Grubs Paleo, you also get a free Paleo Desert cookbook as well as a free Paleo Slow Cooker Recipe book.  High quality Paleo crock pot recipes are some of the most useful approaches to helping mold the Paleo Diet to your lifestyle. Once again, the power of the internet has shown that it can work in the favor of those who know where to look.

The Grubs Guarantee

In addition to the tremendous package of free recipes they include, Grubs has decided to also guarantee the product with a 60-day double guarantee. The first part of that guarantee is that their cookbook will be valuable to you, containing great unique Paleo Diet recipes. The second guarantee is that you will SEE THE RESULTS. If you feel they come up short on either one of these claims, you get your money back—no questions asked.

If you possess the interest and determination to have made it this far, you’ll be able to take the information in this Paleo Diet guide and get started without any trouble. You’ve learned what to watch out for, how to find the most-reliable information related to the Paleo Diet, or any other diet for that matter, and you’ve learned how to use an elimination diet to  see if certain foods might be giving you  trouble. Taking these simple steps and precautions can help you understand not only what the Paleo Diet can do for you, but also how you will be able to shape it to help meet your individual health needs.

I wish I had access to this powerful guide 3 years ago— I could have saved myself so much time and difficulty. If you’re serious about taking control of your health, and starting down the Paleo Diet path, I can’t stress enough how important it is that you find a trusted Paleo Diet recipe book and meal plan to get started. I always recommend to people starting out on the Paleo diet, or those who have tried it but struggled to stay the course, to try Grubs Paleo Cookbook.

Good luck to you, and remember that a natural balance as offered by the Paleo Diet can help restore your body to its primal state! If you have any questions related to this Paleo Diet guide, anything else, feel free to email me at

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Free Paleo Diet Guide Download
Free Paleo Diet Guide Download
Free Paleo Diet Guide Download
Free Paleo Diet Guide Download